Friday, April 24, 2015

Replace Sounds Dangerous with Radio Adaptations

Targeted Group: Generationalists, Five-Years
Targeted Goal: More Magic

Sounds Dangerous was a somewhat ill-conceived attraction in Hollywood Studios.  Being set on the ABC soundstage, the audience would listen to a story of someone being kidnapped, or... something like that.  Yeah, I'm not quite sure.  I fell asleep during it.

It was hard not to, since the production only featured sounds.  With all the other top-notch shows in WDW, this one was very anti-climactic.

It lasted 13 years before closing in May of 2012.  Now, the studio is used for temporary attractions, which is okay.  It is very likely to be converted into something Star Wars-related, given its proximity to the current Star Tours and the rumored area of where the Star Wars land will go.  One common rumor is that it will be a Yoda-featured Jedi training area.

Creating a Jedi training area wouldn't necessarily be the worst thing in the world, but there is still a hole that I have a better idea filling.


Okay, that too is anti-climactic.  So, this will require some additional information.

In 2014, Kristen and I went to see a performance called the "Intergalactic Nemesis".  Below is a Youtube clip; the performance we saw was much better, since it was in a much more intimate setting.  Essentially the show is a mixture of three vocal performers, a foley artist, a piano player, and a computer technician running a slideshow of visuals in the art of a graphic novel.  Intergalactic Nemesis is a crazy story that starts as a spy thriller and turns into an alien abduction, which isn't the point here.  What is the point is the show style they used.

With the exception of the visuals, the other elements are a great re-creation of the old radio serials.  But, the performance gives you a chance to see it live (and, the foley artist can really steal the show).  Hollywood Studios is getting a re-branding, and it remains to be seen how much of the "glitz of Hollywood" theme remains, but this attraction would be perfect for it.

Of course, we wouldn't show the Intergalactic Nemesis.  We would show performances of Disney classics.  Or, classic Disney characters in new adventures.  Or, Marvel superheroes.  For instance, we could create the live version of Big Hero Six right on the heels of the movie being released; it is a perfect story for this art form.  And after a year, we could create a new adventure for Big Hero Six.

Actually, we could simultaneously run 3 shows, with different show times during the day.  And we can gradually replace them or extend them based on their popularity.  Multiple shows would allow us to appeal to multiple audiences and improve the chances that people would visit the attraction more than once per trip (meaning they will increase the chance of staying an extra day on their vacation).  Shareholders rejoice!

There are many advantages to this, even if we don't repurpose the existing sound stage space (perhaps we could put it in a different place within the park).  These performances are much easier to create than the stunt shows and musicals.  It can be a timely attraction as well as one that updates regularly.  And, it can appeal for all ages, including your crotchety old parents (I said yours, mine are delights) as well as your hard-to-please children (I said yours, mine are... okay, that's accurate).

It also is unique.  Disney needs attractions that are more innovative and can highlight the natural talent of their performers more than the talent of the imagineers who design the show.  This will create a brand new experience for individuals within the parks.

And as stated, it is a great reinforcer for the other Disney products (namely, their movie franchises).  Creating a full-fledged sequel to a franchise can be cost-prohibitive or time-intensive.  But, by creating a sequel here, you now have created a must-see attraction for a target audience.  What if Frozen 1.5 was a show here?  Every 7 year old girl would be begging their parents to go to Disney World... now!

Bottom Line: Unique experience, easy to create, new spin on old story-telling, fun for all ages, repurposes old space... should have done this years ago.

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